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Board innovation award

Teagan Crouch, Rapid Housing Family Violence Administration Officer

The Haven; Home, Safe Board has established an annual grant for innovation, in order to recognise staff who strive for excellence, best practice and innovative thinking in what they do and its impact on our organisation.  

The establishment of the Board Innovation Grant is consistent with the culture and values of the organisation and places a strong focus on encouraging innovation and learning to produce a positive impact for Haven; Home, Safe.  

The grant demonstrates dedication to our program delivery and commitment to our customers and stakeholders (both internal and external) embodying how we often do things differently to get the best results.

Teagan Crouch

Teagan applied for funding to support the ‘Creative Aid Packages’ program she has developed for women and children who have experienced family violence. The program uses art to reach out to women and children in a positive and creative manner.

The grant will enable Teagan to buy art materials, design workbooks and deliver the materials to clients. Teagan aims to collaborate with other family violence agencies to widen the impact of the project - an opportunity to create partnerships as well as improve outcomes for more women and children in the community.