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Strategic goals and priorities

Damien Tangey, Chair
Haven; Home, Safe is focused on delivering More Homes and More Supports to vulnerable Victorians through developing More Partnerships and More Capacity.

As we emerge from the significant impact of COVID-19 across our community, our key pillars remain the cornerstone of the organisation. Delivered with the essence of the Haven; Home, Safe credo we have More than ever to do. More disadvantage, More community need, More demand for our services, and More opportunity to provide.  

2020 has been, in many ways, a benchmark year. The Board has adopted a new five-year contemporary growth strategy designed to deliver on our key goals and strategic principles. This growth strategy of integrated housing, services, and support is very well timed for the unprecedented State Government investment announced of $5.3 billion into public housing, driving housing outcomes and economic stimulus through to 2024.  

This year we have delivered a range of key highlights throughout the COVID period. As an essential service our doors have remained open through both physical and digital means. We have improvised and innovated along with our clients and partners to maintain our services and meet increased demand.  

We have housed in excess of 6,500 people and supported over 13,000 people with 12 programs. We continue to achieve very effective outcomes with our integrated homelessness support and housing service, delivering and coordinating support services on the journey through emergency accommodation and transitional housing to a destination of appropriate long-term housing.  

Strategic highlights over the year include the substantial refinancing of Haven; Home, Safe with the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC). The interest savings made here will be directly applied to client outcomes in a targeted community and investment outcome. We have secured a wonderful housing opportunity for 151 apartments to be built, and have completed a successful merger with Active Community Housing to create within Haven; Home, Safe, the ActiveSDA business unit.  

I wish to also recognise the contribution of Sue Clarke to Haven; Home, Safe. Sue retired as Chair on 30 June this year capping an extraordinary contribution of over ten years service to the Board including six years as Board Chair. Having enjoyed the first number of months in the Board Chair’s role I am looking forward to working with the Board and organisation to deliver on the strategic plan.

In the coming year, we look forward to working with our stakeholders delivering the strategic fusion of stimulus funding and strong investment logic tied to measured social outcomes. This is critical in continuing to meet our goals and principals as a people focused housing and support agency for the many people and families that seek to find and keep a place to call home. This remains our strong purpose.