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Case Study: ActiveSDA

Verna and Jeannie moved into their brand new Specialist Disability Accommodation home on the Mornington Peninsula with the help of their Supported Independent Living Services (SILs) in July.  

This was a milestone for both after living with their ageing parents. Verna loves having a big bedroom with her own ensuite and enjoys being involved in the day-to-day running of her home. Jeannie also likes her ensuite and spends time watching movies on the big screen TV in the lounge room. Jeannie and Verna have been friends for many years. Together they plan the weekly menu and cooking their meals together.  

Jeannie keeps in contact with her family mostly by phone due to COVID-19 restrictions, however, she was able to have her sister visit a couple of weeks ago for two hours. Verna sees her mother regularly as she lives in a nearby retirement village.  

The SILs staff have supported both women to be more independent in their home and have choice and control over their lives.